• Quick lighting hookah charcoal production line Introduction

    Quick lighting hookah charcoal production line Introduction

    To make quick lighting hookah charcoal, it is a systematic process, it needs several machines to support. Here Leemay Machinery would like to share the processes step by step.


  • Dry powder briquette machine

    Dry powder briquette machine

    Dry powder briquette press is also called squeezing briquette machine with forcing feeder, which is applied to converting kinds of dry light mineral powder materials into high density briquettes, characterized by high pressure and reliable performance. The applicative raw materials can be aluminum dross, lead ash, magnesium dust, bauxite powder, chromium slag, DRI, quicklime powders, fly ash and such kind of light dry powders, which are compressed into solid briquettes for further smelting use.


  • Waste lithium ion recycling line

    Waste lithium ion recycling line

    The production process of recycling waste lithium ion batteries adopts physical abstraction method, black powder, copper, aluminum and carbon are abstracted, recycled and reused.


  • Shisha charcoal sorting machine

    Shisha charcoal sorting machine

    Leemay Machinery is export of shisha charcoal production line, please contact us to get the best offer and service.


  • Shisha charcoal briquette packing machine

    Shisha charcoal briquette packing machine

    This packing machine is matched with shisha charcoal production line. It can pack charcoal 5-10 pieces per bag. Here it is the video to show you how it works.


  • Rotary type shisha charcoal machine

    Rotary type shisha charcoal machine

    Rotary type shisha charcoal machine is used for pressing charcoal powder into round tablet shape charcoal tablets for shisha. The speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material, and the thi


  • Metal crushing machine

    Metal crushing machine

    The metal crusher is a powerful crushing equipment for various kinds of metal wastes. Its working principle is to drive the hammer on the rotor of the metal crusher and to forcefully hit the metal materials entering the mechanical cavity through the liner and the hammer. In the narrow space, the metal blocks are finally broken into the specified size. Scrap metal crushers are mostly used for coarse crushing of various recyclable metal materials. The input size of the equipment can be adjusted and customized according to the materials size. The discharged metal particles can reach 5mm-12mm, and the crushing size is uniform, and the work efficiency is very high.


  • Double shaft shredding machine

    Double shaft shredding machine

    The shredding machines are widely used for various kind of wasted materials, like rubber tyres, timber plates, plastics, pop cans, old furniture, plastic buckets, plastic bags, wasted iron cans, etc. The crushed materials can be recycled used again for further procession to make profits. Our shredding machines have features of high production efficiency, mechanized feeding way, high automation level, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improve the working environment.


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