Charcoal extruding production line description

2021-09-03 17:06:59 admin 12

Today we are going to share the flowchart of making charcoal briquettes. 

To make charcoal briquettes, it needs several machines which can do the job. 

Firstly, the raw charcoal needs to be crushed to 3-5mm. 

Second, the charcoal powders should be put into the mixing machine to mix with the binder material and water. 

Third, extruding machine can compress the mixture into different shapes as clients need. 

Forth, to reduce the charcoal briquettes moisture, here one dryer is necessary. We can choose to use the dry oven. 

Fifth,  to connect the above machines work properly and efficiently and save labor cost, belt conveyors can be available to assist. 

The following is the flowchart drawing of the whole line, have a look at it. 

For further questions, Leemay Machienry sales team is available for 7/24 hours on line for proving service. 



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