Wasted lithium battery crushing and recycling line video

2021-09-29 13:49:50 admin 30

With the development of battery business booming, nowadays the treatment for batteries wastes have become a problem that all people have to face. 

As we all know that the lithium ion batteries have valuable metal compnents insides, so here Leemay Machinery has expored the new technology to reuse and abstract them out for other industries use again. 

Here it is the whole production line of dealing with used lithium ion batteries, it consists of shredding, crushing, milling, sieving, sifting, etc. Most important, it is equipped with dust collecting system which can minimise the environment pollution greatly.

To know how the production line work and the investment cost, just contact us for further information. 

Leemay Machinery will make great efforts to help you. 

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