Common faults and solutions of briquette machine

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Users will respond some questions when they run the briquette machines, here Leemay Machinery Technical department would like to provide some helps on running issue.

The ball briquette machine is one kind of large equipment, which consists of feeding device, hydraulic system, main machine, electric control system, synchronous gear reducer and other components. Due to the wear and tear during the working process or improper operation, it may cause some common failures which affect the daily production. Here we'd love to share some common types of failures and solutions of briquette machines.

●  1. Low finished briquettes ratio

Failure analysis: Insufficient material supply, too small hydraulic pressure, light quenching and deformation for briquette machine rollers.

Solution: Insufficient material supply will make the ball briquette press have no material to press, so provide enough material for the ball press; small hydraulic pressure will make the material not fully pressed, reduce the machine rotation speed and increase the working pressure; low hardness of rollers quenching will reduce the forming pressure of the ball press, so the rollers can be quenched or replaced; deformation of ball nest will make the material forming shape uneven, so replace the rollers of briquette machine in time.

●  2. The surface of briquette is dry and cracked.

Failure analysis: Insufficient pressure of briquette machine and low moisture content of materials caused.

Solution: Increase the pressure of ball press and water content of raw material.

●  3. The finished briquettes can not deformed from the rollers.

 Failure analysis: moisture content is too high, pressure strength is not enough, nest of roller surface roughness, etc.

Solution: Increase the pressure strength, polish the ball sockets, and ensure the surface of the ball sockets is smooth.

●  4. Hydraulic system oil pressure is not enough.

Failure analysis: The oil suction port is blocked and the gasket at the connection is deformed.

Solution: Block the oil suction port and clean it after disassembly. Replace the deformed gasket at the connection.

  5. Ball socket misalignment

Failure analysis: Loose bolt or loose rollers and bearing fit

Solution: Tighten the bolts after adjusting the rollers of briquetting press; replace the rollers bearing.

For more technical issues, please feel free to exchange ideas with Leemay Machinery.

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