Lithium battery recycling equipment-the recycling line of lithium battery anode and cathode materials

2021-02-01 14:34:32 Leemay Machinery 4

The application and commissioning of waste lithium battery dismantling and recycling equipment has reduced and gradually limited the pollution of lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, and waste lithium batteries to a certain extent. Leemay Machinery has launched environmentally friendly waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment. The recycling processing equipment gradually processes scrap lithium batteries into recyclable metal materials. Meanwhile, waste lithium battery crushing equipment also promotes the development of the environmental protection industry.

According to the physical characteristics of waste lithium batteries, Leemay Machinery adopts the principle of combination of shredding, crushing, milling, gravity separation and wind classification to assemble a production line of crushing and separation equipment for lithium battery recycling. Through the control of parameters such as wind pressure and air volume, the copper, aluminum and lithium metals can be separated out.

When we research and develop waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment, considering the control for lithium battery electrolyte, dust and odor during the separation process, we re-adjust and upgrade the dust removal and flue gas purification facilities, and add other purification equipment, which can make the original wind pipe positive pressure feeding method and the conveying device that are prone to dust leakage to the fully enclosed pipeline negative pressure conveying method. This modifications of recycling equipment of lithium ion batteries have the following advantages:

1. It can comprehensively recover copper and aluminum metals, precious metals, and diaphragm paper from waste lithium batteries, and the comprehensive utilization level becomes higher.

2. The purity of the separated metal is high, which reduces the air pollution caused by physical extraction and smelting;

3. The process is automatic and easy to operate for workers.

Regarding the waste lithium ion battery recycling line, the main major steps in the process of processing waste lithium batteries include: pretreatment, secondary treatment and advanced treatment. The pretreatment includes the crushing and physical separation; the secondary treatment process includes: the complete separation of the positive electrode material and the active material from the substrate, which is usually processed by crushing and screening. Leemay Machinery adopts domestic advanced and mature waste lithium battery recycling and comprehensive utilization production technology to process raw materials such as discharge, crushing, fine crushing, feeding, sorting, etc., which meets the discharge standards and is friendly for environment.




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