What is ball briquette machine?

2021-02-05 14:27:42 Leemay Machinery 14

The ball briquette machine is a kind of oval, ball, pillow shape briquette production equipment, which can continuously send all kinds of dry and wet powder materials to the rolling area through the pre-pressing device. Under the pressure of the rolling device, the dry and wet powder materials are pressed into balls/briquettes as clients need. The briquette machines are mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials and other industries.

The briquette ball press takes the resource-saving and environmentally-friendly sustainable development path, advocates low-carbon emission reduction policy, promotes sound and rapid economic development, reduces environmental pollution and the mining of natural minerals. The natural resources and human living environment are protected, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy.

Leemay Machinery's high-pressure ball press has high formation rate and high strength, and the finished ball briquettes are easy for loading and transportation. With the breakthrough of technical difficulties, we successfully developed a briquette briquetting machine production line, which truly realized the recycling of resources, turned waste into treasure, created a good recyclable economy and social benefits, and was in line with the strategic goals of national sustainable development .


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Our main products are coal briquette production machine, charcoal briquette process machines and furnaces, mineral powder briquette plant, crushing machines, E-wastes recycling machine and wasted battery crushing and recycling machines, as well the production lines.