Automatic process of waste lithium battery recycling equipment

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A safe and efficient production line of lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment is to put scrap batteries into a shredder for shredding purpose. The shredded batteries enter a special double-shaft shredder for crushing, and the anode and cathode materials and diaphragm paper inside the battery are scattered completely. The scattered material enters the collector through the induced draft fan, and then the dust generated are collected and purified in the crushing process by the pulse dust collector. The material entering the collector enters the air-flow sorting screener through the closed air device, and the diaphragm paper in the positive and negative plates is collected by the airflow and vibration, meanwhile, the dust generated by the air-flow sorter is also collected. Then, the mixture is separated and recycled using a combined process of hammer crushing, vibrating sieving and airflow sorting to separate and recover the positive and negative electrode components of the waste lithium battery.

The lithium battery recycling equipment separates the aluminum foil, copper foil and the positive and negative materials in the scrapped positive and negative electrodes for recycling. The entire production line runs under negative pressure, no dust spills during the production process, the production environment is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and the dust emission meets the international environmental protection requirements. The used lithium recycling line not only has significant environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits.

Advantages of waste lithium battery recycling equipment:

1. The waste lithium battery processing equipment has a wide application, and can handle various types of lithium batteries with different material shells, including soft packs, hard shells, steel shells, and cylindrical batteries.

2. The waste lithium battery processing equipment has high efficiency, long service life and stability performance. The service life of waste lithium battery recycling line can last for 20-30 years with fewer spare parts.

3. The waste lithium battery recycling equipment is environmentally friendly, with high resource utilization and high renewable efficiency. The complete set of waste lithium battery treatment production line can recycle rare metals such as copper and aluminum, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate.

4. Waste lithium battery recycling equipment has a high automation degree and is easy to industrialize. All recycling processes are fully automatic. The recycling processing capacity can be customized from 200-1000kg/h as clients‘ request.


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