Charcoal making furnace

2021-01-06 14:18:52 Leemay Machinery 34

Recently, as our charcoal briquette equipment business expands increasingly, most people will inquire us the carbonizing technology.

Here there are three methods to make wood charcoal.

1. Using traditional carbonizing technology to make charcoal, but what we supply is that we updated the technology, that can increase the output and more friendly to our environment. We can design and build the tunnel kiln type as well as the smoking recycling system. This method is for large scale charcoal production.

2. Horizontal type charcoal furnace has the similar working principle as the traditional charcoal kiln. We use the thick steel plates to produce the furnace body and stove, and the smoking recycling pipes are connected together to heat the stove again. This saves much labor cost to build the kiln and have very easy operation process.

3. The third method is lifting type carbonization furnace to use the connected type furnaces with more sets inner ports to make the carbonizing work more efficiently and continuously, this way is for carbonizing wood and briquettes.

4. The forth method is mainly for carbonizing the kinds of nut shells and wood sawdust into charcoal, we will use the continuous drum type furnace, which appearance looks like the rotary dryer. But this furnace working temperature will be much higher, even which can reach 800 degree. So it can solve the problem of the small sizes of materials converting charcoal. 

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