Is recycling of used lithium batteries valuable?

2021-01-01 14:36:46 Leemay Machinery 16

Lithium batteries are widely used in daily life, covering all aspects from life to industry, and the market for lithium batteries is in short supply. Therefore, the recycling and disposal of waste lithium batteries has rapidly formed a market in the past five years, and the advantages of large-scale automated recycling systems are obvious.

High-value industrial raw materials such as lithium compound materials, aluminum, copper and organic electrolyte can be recovered from wasted lithium ion batteries. Through research on the recycling of used lithium-ion batteries, it can be found that most of the recycling methods focus on the recycling of the positive electrode active material in the battery.

We all know that cobalt, lithium, copper and plastics diaphragm in waste lithium batteries are precious resources and have extremely high recycling value. Therefore, scientific and effective treatment of waste lithium batteries not only brings significant environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits. In order to alleviate the increasingly serious resource shortage and environmental pollution problems caused by the rapid economic development, it has become a global consensus to realize recycling of waste lithium batteries.

Compared with the various types of lithium batteries, the current options for disposal of waste lithium batteries are very limited. At present, various treatment methods of waste lithium batteries have their own problems, and the method of disassembling batteries and extracting precious metals is still the best way to take into account environmental protection and economic benefits. Compared with other valuable metals such as copper and aluminum in scrap lithium batteries, lithium resources may be severely short in the future. How to recover lithium from used lithium batteries has also become a hot spot for some people in the industry.

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